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Consultant LEE,MEI-LING


Paperwindmill Cultural Foundation / Consultant

From Budai, Jiayi, Li was introverted and shy since little. She was first a kindergarten teacher, and then she joined children’s theater because of her brother Li Yung-Feng (America Li). In the early days, she joined Mokit Children’s Theatre as a staff and an actor. At the same time, studying children’s theatrical activities and toddler pedagogy. Founded β€œChildren Creativity Studio” at Paper Windmill when the group was established and then became the manager of the studio designing and teaching children theater activities. Meanwhile, writing columns β€œPaper Windmill Children Theatre classroom” for Children’s Daily and published γ€Šε€šη”Ÿθˆ‡ε€šθŽ‰γ€‹ children book. Studied abroad in 1986 at Emerson College in Foundation Studies program. She is a teacher for children’s theater education, children’s literature, and storytelling; she is also the beloved β€œTeacher Mei-Ling.”

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