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Our story

In 1998, the β€œPaperwindmill Cultural Foundation” was established, he spirit of Paperwindmill became β€œLet the wind blow and walk forward facing the wind.” Combining experiences in children’s theater, we started planning various large-scale creative art and cultural activities, accompanying children to look to the future with a broader perspective.

In 2006, Paperwindmill launched a series of public welfare new cultural events leading off by the β€œTaiwan Paperwindmill Theatre’s” First Mile, Kid’s Smile” Arts for Children in 319 Townships Project.” Through private donations, we provided high-quality performances for children in all communities. After 5 years, completed the performance of 319 townships, is a cultural movement first seen by UNESCO.

In 2013, β€œTaiwan Paperwindmill Theatre’s” First Mile, Kid’s Smile” Arts for Children in 368 Townships Project” had begun, hope that the beauty of art can continue to nourish the hearts of children.

In 2012, facing the crisis of Teen Drug Abuse, we started the β€œTaiwan Paperwindmill Theatre’s Anti-Drugs for Teens Theatre Project” touring more than 900 junior high school campus performances across the country. The project shifted from traditional doctrinal education to expressing the impacts of drugs through theatrical performances.

In 2014, we found that there are still many rural children who do not have the opportunity to be exposed to the performing arts, so co-sponsored β€œTaiwan Paperwindmill’s Countryside Arts Truck Project” with RC Culture and Arts Foundation, we transformed box trucks into art trucks carrying excellent performing groups to perform at much more temple courts, night markets, and mountains. has kept the open-air theater spirit and excellent performances living in all communities.

The smiles of children and the support from you are the gentle breeze that keeps power of the Paperwindmill turning.

Let US work together for Taiwanese culture and art.


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