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Social Initiatives

Countryside Arts Truck

Bring love and laughter to the peaks of mountains and the shores of oceans.
β€œIf the children couldn’t come, we will go!” – This is the core value of the children’s community art project. We continuously expect to deliver artistic cultural resources, love, and laughter to more communities, counties, and families.

Paperwindmill and RC Culture and Arts Foundation started the β€œTaiwan Paperwindmill’s Countryside Arts Truck Project” in 2014. The box trucks were beautifully painted and reformed into stage trucks so that we can have mobile performances at temple courts or schools around Taiwan. We have also invited excellent performers to join the stages to touch more people’s hearts through the performances.

Art trucks carry dreams of a lot of performers to the peaks of mountains and the shores of oceans. They also deliver fascinating performances to provide an unforgettable night.

Since 2014

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