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Get Involved

Get Involved

Donation Information

A performance can bring a child happiness, but more than that, it can offer courage in growing up and a glimpse of the limitless potential of the future.

To spread these seeds of hope far and wide, the Paperwindmill Cultural Foundation has started three major social initiatives that need your enthusiastic support in the form of donations and sponsorship to make the dreams a part of our reality. If you are willing and able to support, you can select the respective initiative links below to learn more.

368 Townships Children’s Art

Anti-Drugs for Teens Theatre

Countryside Arts Truck

Join Paperwindmill

In every era, there are those trying different ways to move society forward with love and care. In the spirit of Don Quixote, Paperwindmill hopes to accompany children in growing up with the arts, so that in breaking into smiles of all sizes, the love and dreams of all may flourish.

Whether you pull words into stories, have a deep love for a special piece of land, or desire to devote to these efforts, we invite you to join us and strengthen the force of this dream of spreading the seeds of art through the winds to every corner of Taiwan!

Download and complete the Volunteer Application Form below and send it to us via e-mail or fax at +886-(0)2-2394-9904 and Paper Windmill will be in touch shortly!