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Papaerwindmill Happy Caterpillar Intro

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The severity of global warming is on the verge
If one day, caterpillars could no longer turn into butterflies
What kind of catastrophes would that be for humankind!
Taipei Flora Exposition
Invites you to experience the floral environmental renovation
Also, ask you to work together
Retrieve the caterpillars and our hopes

Taipei international Flora Exhibition allows the world to see Taiwan’s extraordinary floral technologies and the industry. The event also expects the participants to learn the value of humans/nature co-existence. The Paperwindmill team uses their creativity to design astonishing, colorful, and lively caterpillars which embody the various contents of the expo through the static exhibition and active parades. We would like to invite friends around the world to know Taiwanese and the global floral industry. More importantly, through interacting with the caterpillars, we hope to raise awareness of global warming and cherish the beautiful environment.


The unique and mobile installation art creates an unprecedented international uproar

This caterpillar is five meters tall and 40 meters long and will be painted in rainbow color. It will not only be visually colorful, conceptually, it also represents unlimited hopes. In each segment, different themes will be placed becoming an innovative mobile device performed at the parades and travel to different countries or spread joy domestically. At the same time, it can also be an installation art that holds the spirit of a sustainable environment. This creates an unprecedented international uproar for the world to see Taipei’s energetic creativity.

The design of the caterpillar combines arts and recyclable materials makes loving the earth easy and fun

The intricately designed two caterpillars have individual features. One is made and painted manually with exquisite craftsmanship. The other one uses different recycled materials to shape, while its seven segments correspond to days in a week merging the art into our day-to-day life. The different parts and shapes of the caterpillars use mostly recycled materials, and the power source is non-traditional energy resonating with the expo’s spirit.









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