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Paperwindmill Taiwanese Animals and Insects Creative Exhibition

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Insects are everywhere, and we indeed live in a world filled with insects! “Paperwindmill Taiwanese Animals and Insects Creative Exhibition”- An exhibition MADE IN TAIWAN and an original outdoors arts event.

Since elementary school, Taiwanese textbooks have topics talking about “animals and insects.” However, scientists claim, “at least 10 million animal species and at least 30 million insects species haven’t been discovered.” Incredibly, a spectacular amount of unknown species are living with us on earth. Papaerwinmill curated “Paperwindmill Taiwanese Animals and Insects Creative Exhibition” in 2013. Themed with children’s familiar topic “animals and insects,” through artistic concepts and aesthetical creation, the exhibition provides new lives to these creatures. The goal is to redefine children’s imagination towards nature, stimulate their curiosity, lead them to embrace nature, and introduce them into the world of knowledge, arts, and creativity. J.H. Fabre (1823-1915), named “The insect’s Homer” by Victor Hugo, heard the buzzing of locusts which inspired his interest in studying insects and his lifelong scientific work – “Souvenirs entomologiques”.

“Paperwindmill Taiwanese Animals and Insects Creative Exhibition” is different from other ecological exhibitions having live animals or taxidermy. The exhibition has an artistic and creative animal/insects world, which magnifies tiny insects for people to look closely at their intricate and beautiful structures. Through introducing Taiwan’s endemic species features and habits visitors can further understand them. We expect children to not only look at but to observe the exhibition so it can inspire their invention, creation, imagination, and lives.

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