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Paperwindmill Cultural Foundation / Founder

Growing up at the shore of Budai, JiaYi, with wind and waves, his nickname is America Lee. Lee graduated from TNUA majored in Theatre and for grad school he majored in folk culture and arts.

Lee Yung-Feng started writing and directing children’s theater in 1986 while at the same time organizing children’s drama camps aiming at stimulating children’s creativity. He, then, founded Paper Windmill Theatre in 1992, followed by Paper Windmill Cultural Foundation in 1998, working on children’s future and performing arts.

Believes in β€œPaper windmill spins with the wind and still spins on its own without the wind,” America Lee expects more Taiwanese children could experience children’s theatre.

Paper Windmill 319 Townships Project was launched in 2006, spent five years to help Taiwanese children embark on their first mile of their art journeys. Carrying on the legacy, Paper Windmill 368 Township Project started in 2012, promising children in remote areas can continuously appreciate the creativity and beauty of arts.

For 30 years, America Lee has been the chief writer/director of Paper Windmill, created dozens of children’s dramas that parents and children endeared! He has also been the Chief Director of large-scale events, promoting teenager anti-drug events, truck art, etc. Even when facing obstacles, he chooses to face them with optimism and tasks himself with β€œMutual Benefit,” β€œMutual Existence,” and β€œCo-prosper.”

The ambition is to let go of imperiousness and be kind.

To America Lee, Arts is a lifestyle that needs to be created by a group of people. He believes β€œBeing kind to people is far more important than the art itself.”

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