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Paperwindmill Cultural Foundation / Founder

Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language from NTU. Born in Hualian, growing up looking at the endless Pacific. He loves literature. Later, he became a high school teacher after graduating from college, Chief Editor of Supplement, Secretary-General of Huai-Lan Foundation, Commissioner of Information Department of Taipei City, Consultant of National Security Council, Minister without Portfolio at Executive Yuan, Deputy Secretary-General of National Security Council, Secretary-General of General Association of Chinese Culture etc.

One of the initiators of the β€œTaiwan Paperwindmill Theatre’s β€œFirst Mile, Kid’s Smile” Arts for Children in 319 Townships Project.” The creator of the slogan β€œFirst Mile Kid’s Smile.” He expects, through the performances of Paper Windmill, Taiwanese Children can have a nice first mile on their art journeys.

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