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Director HSU,LI-FENG


Chiang Education Foundation / Chairman of the Board

The founder of Ever Rich D.F.S. Corporation, Simon Chiang Sung-Hua has been supporting Taiwanese local culture. Growing up in a humble background, established β€œChiang Education Foundation” in his mother’s name after building his career to return to society. The foundation cares about students from low-income families, provides scholarships, donates to educational facilities, sponsors, and promotes Taiwanese academics and arts. He is also one of the initiators of the 368 District Children Art Project, sponsoring a teenager anti-drug program, and voluntarily displaying Paper Windmill community art projects in Taoyuan and Kaohsiung airports.

Devoting himself to β€œLove timely/Love reading…,” he promotes cultural education behind the scenes and helps underprivileged groups in rural areas, including continuously sponsoring athletes and donating to educational funds. Supporting effortlessly in promoting cultural education, helping underprivileged groups from a rural areas to live a full life and cultivate their spirits.

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