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Zoom Hunt International Productions Co., Ltd. / Chairman of the Board

MA in Philosophy, FuJen University. Experience includes Specialist of CIECD, Executive Yuan; Chief of Radio and Television Bureau, GIO; Director of National Film Archive; Director-General of Cultural Work Association; Vice President, CEO, Deputy CEO of Central Motion Picture Co.; Chairman of Motion Picture Foundation; Director of Motion Picture and Drama Association, etc. Currently President of Zoom Hunt International Productions.

While being the first Director of the National Film Archive, Hsu single-handedly established the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, supported movie critics like Huang Jian-Ye, Li You-Hsin. He also spotted the talented Ang Lee and persuaded him to pursue motion pictures. Hsu promoted, then, new Directors Tsai Ming-Liang, Lin Zhen-Shend, Chen Yu-Hsun, Chen Guo-Fu, etc. He created numerous legends and trends that we still celebrate today. He is Mr. Keating from Dead Poets Society to Taiwan’s motion pictures.

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