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Founder KO,I-CHENG


Blue Moon Films / Chairman of the Board

Graduated from Shih Hsin School of Journalism, a master’s degree in Movie from Columbia College. He is a cultural and art worker for both movie and theater, working as both director and actor. Currently President of BMF and Founder of Paper Windmill Foundation.

His personality is gentle, firm, and never nervous nor overly excited about things. Ke thinks of himself as a calm person. Performed in a lot of productions as an actor, he enjoys thinking and reflecting through visuals. Besides movies, in 1992 he crossed over to theaters and established Paper Windmill Theatre and Greenray Theatre with Hsu Li-Gong, Li Yong-Feng, and Lo Bei-An. He also wrote and directed β€œYue Ju” and β€œProof” etc.

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